My few pennies towards Open source

Over the past few years, I have made minor bug fixes and feature additions to some open source projects. Let me note down all those projects here.

  • angular-ellipsis
    • We used angular ellipsis in one of our projects. This utility provides a nice simple way to add ellipsis in text after n lines which is not possible through native CSS. When our app went through pen testing, we realised testing failed because of this library. The library didn’t HTML escape text. So time for a PR to the component.
  • officegen
    • This node tool is used to generate microsoft office documents. This doesn’t support all the features yet. We needed to add borders to the table in the word file. So I ended up adding that feature to the library.
  • cordova-plugin-apprate
    • Was working on a side project. A hybrid mobile app, I wanted the user to rate the app in play store. The plugin din’t support tamil, so added tamil translations for the plugin.
  • AndroidFileBrowser
    • This plugin allows to bring a file chooser kind of popup in a mobile app. I had added an option where you provide the file type to the plugin and it hides other file types from the view.
  • Kadhambam
    • An android mobile game, added option to install in sd card.
  • Contributed to few of friends projects generator-boomiconategenerator-smacssCSS-Hacks,
  • Improved documentation for quite a lot of projects including angular, brunch, generator-gulp-angular, node-schedule, essential-js-design-patterns,, rpush,