Chennai Bus Routes

Few weeks back, I started learning Android programming. My MSc dissertation is to develop an Android app for Latex. I don’t know much Android programming. So I started exploring it. Randomly I came across Phonegap. When I was exploring it a bit I felt it would be easy to convert an existing webapp into android native app with phonegap. To try that I took an existing website


I worked on the app for 3 days and the end product is here. I used Phonegap and Jquery Mobile. The major issue I feel with the app is it takes much time to load the auto-complete. I have also released the code in github.

Chennai Bus Routes

Chennai Bus Routes

So by the end of three days I fulfilled one of my long desires to host an app in Android market. Did it at last. It is as of now used by more than 100+ users.

App statistics

App statistics

I will be working to add more features when I get some free time.

You can get the app from this link

Get it on Google Play

 Please leave as comments if you need any more features.


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